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"One can read all one wants, and spend eternities in front of a blackboard with a tutor,
but one is not going to learn to swim until one gets in the water."
- David Mamet
Triquetra Productions

When Lisa Newell created “Triquetra Productions” in 2008, it was the meaning behind the name that attracted her.

“Triquetra” has many different interpretations: from spiritual, gaelic, the recognizable symbol being used in music, TV shows, clothing lines... However, it wasn’t the symbol, but the meaning behind it that Lisa took to heart and that stood out most for her:

Triquetra: Mind, Heart & Body

It is these three elements that Lisa incorporates fully and completely into each production and each film she creates.

As a storyteller, Lisa infuses her own thoughts and mind into each piece. Even though a story may have been told a thousand times before… Never has anyone told it like her.

With every film Lisa pours her heart into each aspect of the production: from the script, to the actors, to the actual production, all the way through to sitting with the audience and taking in how they react.

As for the body… It takes a beating from the long nights writing to the long days filming and editing! But in the end when all is finished, it all becomes worth it, because the story has been released to the world.

That is what Triquetra Productions stands for.