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"A film is - or should be - more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings.
The theme, what's behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later."
- Stanley Kubrick
Beer Chicken / Hangover

These two submissions for the "Big Rock Eddies Commercial Contest" were our first attempts at telling a story in 60 seconds. The experiences were both rewarding and educational. There is definitely an art to creating a story, and a payoff in such a short amount of time, and although we may not have won the contest, the two commercials were a lot of fun to create, and as each has it's own distinctive style, they show what we are capable of creating under specific rules and deadlines.

And the fact that Big Rock has always been one of my favourite brewery's (being from Calgary and all) didn't hurt either!

Bathroom Etiquette

The use of public facilities is a necessary obstacle that we all must face many times in our life. Bathroom Etiquette offers step by step instructions and different options to help make this experience as painless and less embarrassing as possible. Follow Professor Plunk and Sally as they teach you "How to 'Number Two'".

The first comedy written and directed by Lisa Newell, it was time to try something different and move away from the psychological dramas and try her hand at something light and new. Just recently released, Bathroom Etiquette is sure to make it's mark both on the film festival circuit, as well as on Youtube as a multi part series entitles "Bathroom Etiquette for Women".

Trash Bin

This film take a cold look at the views that society has on the less fortunate, and shows that it may not take much to find yourself on the other side of the fence. It only takes one moment to change your life forever, just one rash decision.

Taking a more guerrilla approach to filmmaking, this crew took to the streets of Vancouver to tell a story that is only too true to the streets in which it was filmed. Directed by Lisa Newell and Written and Produced by Raphael Kepinski and Michael Eisner, the film portrays the grittiness of world we live in.


"Therapy" speaks to everyone, and the constant struggle that each of us fights each day trying to prove to ourselves that we are good enough, that we do deserve happiness. That little voice in the back of your head that tells you that you can't, and the society that fuels it. What if we could fight it, and win?

Collaborating with Writer/Producer Meeshelle Neal for the first time, Lisa Newell co-produced and Directed this short film. It had the honour of being screened in Vancouver BC at the "Vancouver Women in Film Festival", as well as receive two Leo Award nominations, one for Best Editing in a Short Film, the other for Best Actress in a Short Film.

The Countdown

"The Countdown" is a commentary of the mindless day to day routine that so many live. Get up. Work. Eat. Sleep. The feeling of being trapped within a world that you didn't create, living for the two day weekends at the end of each five day stretch. How this life can become all consuming and in the end, take your passion, your soul.

Written, Produced and Directed by Lisa Newell, this film found it's way to be screened at such festivals around the world as "The Short Film Corner" at the Cannes Film Festival, "High Desert Shorts International Film Festival", "15 Minutes of Fame" Film Festival and "Dam Short Film Festival".